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In Sliding Notes 2.0, notes will be accessible via URLs. So any page on the Internet can link to a Sliding Note directly. You can email your friends a link to a note. You can bitly-fy it and tweet it out. Bonus coolness: When such a link is visited, the note automagically slides open for the visitor. Give it a shot below:

❗ BTW, “the image” above is actually not an image at all. It’s a browser-rendered snapshot of the demo app using HTML5 techniques. Which is why it’s a bit wiggly (but browsers will improve on this). It’s cool stuff anyway. 😉

Why would you need such a feature?

Indeed, if you only used Sliding Notes as a fancy footnote replacement, then referring to a note may not be an awfully frequent need.

The full potential of linkability is unleashed in conjunction with Sliding Notes’ ability to emulate other user interface paradigms like Accordions and Tabs – a pattern commonly used to organize portfolio type content. And linking to a specific item in the portfolio makes very much sense.

See? Another seemingly “small” feature with kick-ass utility value.

Indeed a truly hackadelic one. 😉

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