About Sliding Notes, Next Generation

In case you don’t know, Sliding Notes is a WordPress plugin for embodying smooth and fancy inline notes into page and post content in a super-easy way.

The first generation of Sliding Notes started as a fancy, web-2.0-ish replacement for footnotes, but on the way, it became clear that it can be used to emulate rather manifold user interfaces. And while it served well, with time the implementation concept that it was based on started to reach it’s limits.

The next generation of the plugin will be a complete rewrite! A new underlying concept is underway, giving rise to really cool features.

And this site is the place where those features shall be defined.

About This Site

This site is the arena where users can interact with the development of new Sliding Notes features. User input flows directly into development, and development incorporates that input (quasi in real-time, so to say). The feedback loop that is hereby created is predetermined to give rise to awesomeness. 🙂

The site organization and the process are like this:

  • Feature are suggested and discussed in our feedback forum. You can open the forum with a click on the “Feedback” tab to the right of the screen.
  • An elaboration of the feature idea, and, if possible, a live prototype implementation of the feature will be posted here for user review.
  • From the post, it will be possible to open the corresponding forum entry and discuss and vote for (or against) the idea.
  • Facebookers will be able to comment and share (a.k.a like) the feature with their friends directly from the corresponding post.
  • Development will evaluate the feedback and if necessary, adjust the prototype, making the changes immediately visible.

Be part of it! Make the next generation of Sliding Notes YOUR plugin, too.

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